To view how this instant empire was created, and legal claims filed against Mr. Dosanjh in 2013, see home page and Inder Dosanjh Instant Empire.

Dealership                                           Location                                  Date Acquired

Dublin Chevrolet-Cadillac            Dublin, CA                               October 2008
Fremont Chevrolet                          Fremont, CA                          January 2009
Dublin Buick-GMC                            Dublin, CA                              April 2009
Concord Chevrolet                          Concord, CA                           May 2009
Honolulu Buick-GMC-Cadillac      Honolulu, HI                         November 2009
Fremont Cadillac-GMC-Buick      Newark, CA                            November 2010*

* Buick and Cadillac franchises were earmarked for Inder Dosanjh in 2008.  Statements by multiple sources beginning in 2008, long before GM filed bankruptcy and terminated targeted dealers, indicated that GM intended to award the franchises of existing dealers Signer Buick-Cadillac and Fremont Pontiac-GMC to Inder Dosanjh once GM was somehow able to obtain the franchises from the current dealers.  Fremont Cadillac-GMC-Buick’s actual opening was delayed until November 2010 due to the fact that Signer Buick-Cadillac’s franchises did not technically terminate until October 31, 2010 based on GM’s “wind down” process for dealers it terminated nationally when it filed bankruptcy in 2009.  See home page for details.

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