San Francisco East Bay Market Overview contains the shocking story of General Motors’ long-term corrupt and conspired actions utilized in its relentless pursuit of a seriously misguided scheme to take over retailing of its products in select markets. Ultimately, in its 2009 GM bankruptcy bailout, the U. S. Government supported GM in selectively destroying hundreds of dealership businesses and tens of thousands of jobs.

In the San Francisco East Bay Area, GM executed what appears to be a factory-controlled takeover of most of the dealerships in the market.  As GM’s goal necessitated the elimination of many long-time GM dealers unwilling to sell, multiple parties conspired in the use of unconscionable methods to drive the targeted dealers out of business.  GM’s designated operator of this newly controlled market, Inder Dosanjh, acquired several East Bay GM dealerships, as well as one in Honolulu, at dizzying speed in 2008 and 2009 as GM was plummeting toward bankruptcy.

With regard to the instant empire, on February 25, 2013, a lawsuit alleging fraud, racketeering, and other claims, was filed against Inder Dosanjh, multiple GM and GMAC/Ally employees, and their respective employing corporations.  The complaint, filed by two former East Bay GM dealers, may be viewed through a link available here: Inder Dosanjh Instant Empire.

For the background on GM’s East Bay takeover attempt, as well as unbelievable strategies to achieve the goal, see the Home Page at

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