This website is divided into sections accessible through tabs at the top and links in the right column.  As the story spans nearly two decades and has many unbelievable “subplots” that require considerable detail to explain, the site contains three basic sections with progressive detail and supporting documents: 1. Home Page, 2. Dealership History, 3. Expanded Details.  An additional section was added in June 2013: IRS/TIGTA/FBI.  Following is an explanation of each:

1.  Home Page (tab at top):  A summary of the history and various subplots.

2.  Dealership History (tab at top):  A chronological history with more detail than on the home page.

3.  Expanded Details (links in right column and also within the Dealership History narrative):   There are three sections of Expanded Details, which in turn contain subcategories with links to pages that expand further on certain subjects covered in the Dealership History, and contain links to numerous supporting documents.  Following are the three sections of Expanded Details:

  • a.  Expanded Details – Chronological:  Links to pages covering various subplots in chronological order.
  • b.  Expanded Details – IRS Audits and Ramifications; FBI Involvement:  Also in chronological order, these pages are separated from the above section because the IRS subplot of my GM story took on a life of its own with conspired harassment of me by the IRS to benefit General Motors.  In June 2010, I reported this apparent harassment to the Treasury Department’s Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, who, over the period of a year, executed a clear cover-up of my allegations.  With extensive documentation, in September 2011 I reported the cover-up to the FBI, which in turn did nothing, thus seemingly making it a participant in the cover-up.  The cover-ups both appear to be politically motivated for the benefit of President Obama.
  • c.  Expanded Details – Miscellaneous:  Links to pages that cover general information or subjects that span many years.

4. IRS/TIGTA/FBI (tab at top):  A summary of multiple Expanded Detail sections in the right column.  Intended for the media and government oversight agencies, this summary provides a preview of details found in those sections regarding what appear to be corrupt actions by multiple U. S. Government agencies.